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British supermodel Naomi Campbell on Thursday declared an end to her war with a limousine driver after he apologized for getting police involved and accusing her of beating him over the head. On Tuesday New York police sought the model over an allegation that she hit her driver in the back of the head while he was driving, causing his … Continue reading Chauffeur takes the rap in Naomi Campbell row

Driver who accused Naomi Campbell of assault says he ‘overreacted,’ regrets involving NYPD The driver who accused supermodel Naomi Campbell of assaulting him said Thursday through his lawyer that he “got angry and overreacted” and regrets involving the police. “This whole thing has been blown out of proportion and I apologize to Ms. Campbell for causing that to happen,” driver … Continue reading Naomi Campbell's driver regrets involving NYPD

Police have said they wanted supermodel Naomi Campbell for questioning in connection with an assault on her chauffeur as they drove through New York. Police said Campbell’s driver reported being struck so hard that his face slammed against the steering wheel of the moving Cadillac Escalade, bruising him beneath the right eye. “An individual who said he was driving … Continue reading Naomi Campbell sought in assault on chauffeur