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‘Supernatural’: Misha Collins returns — with a twist! — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Castiel’s death was just one of the many casualties that have rocked Sam and Dean this season on Supernatural, and the episodes since have shown the boys — particularly Dean — coping with the immense loss. So you can imagine the feelings and emotion that will bubble to the surface when, as promised, Misha Collins returns in this week’s episode. (Well, at least for Dean.) In traditional Supernatural fashion… Continue reading ‘Supernatural’: Misha Collins returns — with a twist! — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Supernatural: Re-Demon Qualities

So I was watching an episode of Supernatural Season 7 this weekend and an episode of Supernatural Season 3 broke out! Then an episode of Dexter broke out! Then it ended! And all the while, I was thinking, “Hey, this is pretty good!” That is, when I wasn’t thinking, “Hey, why did that just happen?”

“Repo Men” was one of King Ben Edlund’s babies, so going into it, you know it’s… Continue reading Supernatural: Re-Demon Qualities

Supernatural: Women! Can’t Live With ‘Em…

Supernatural S07E13: “The Slice Girls”

Considering the two handsome cross-country rapscallions the Winchester brothers are, it’s not surprising that sexy ladies often play their foils. Friday night’s episode of Supernatural, the unfortunately titled “The Slice Girls” (“Amazon Women in the Mood” was already taken), made women into a bunch of man-carving monsters… and Dean was the target.

Everything started when bodies began appearing with no hands or feet and a mysterious symbol… Continue reading Supernatural: Women! Can't Live With 'Em...

Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother Win at the People’s Choice Awards

The greatest example of how democracy works and makes America great isn’t our election process, it’s the People’s Choice Awards! Where else can Twilight dreamboat Robert Pattinson accept the Favorite Drama Movie award for… Water for Elephants? Is that even a real movie? Well, we’re only concerned with television here, so isn’t it awesome that the award for Favorite Cable TV Drama went to… Hot in Cleveland? Maybe we need… Continue reading Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother Win at the People's Choice Awards

‘Supernatural’ scoop: Details of Castiel’s return (and Bobby’s resurrection?)

spn-bobby-castiel.jpgOkay, “Supernatural” fans, we know you’ve been through a lot this season. It hasn’t been easy watching the Winchesters lose Castiel, Bobby, and their car over the course of just a few months. We feel your pain (though we will say, we’re loving the unexpected turns this season has taken!).

While we can’t make everything better, we can give you some good news. At Wednesday’s… Continue reading 'Supernatural' scoop: Details of Castiel's return (and Bobby's resurrection?)