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‘Supernatural’ promo: Dean is untouchable — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


Image Credit: The CW

There’s little to add to this promo clip from Supernatural‘s next new episode. On one hand, that’s probably because it doesn’t tell you much plot-wise. On the other hand, it’s because some images simply render the human mind speechless. And the visual of Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) wielding a Tommy Gun while wearing a fedora is one of those… Continue reading ‘Supernatural’ promo: Dean is untouchable — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Open Caption: Supernatural

I should know by now to expect great work from Vampire Diaries fans. You really know your vampire soap operas! Here are the winners from yesterday’s contest:

From TrevPlatt:Elena: “Price Peterson said WHAT about me in his photo recap?”

From Shirarose:Elena: “It isn’t enough you took my boyfriend from me? Did you have to steal my leather jacket, too?”

From jools19:Elena: “Klaus, if you don’t fix this new evil-master-genius plan of yours NOW… Continue reading Open Caption: Supernatural

TV.com’s 12 Days of Clips-mas, Day 2: The Winchesters Celebrate a Supernatural Christmas

To help you get into the holiday spirit, for the next 12 days, we’ll provide you with one classic holiday TV clip. We’ve scoured through our archives and your comments on our story in which we asked you to name your favorite holiday episodes, and came up with a list of dazzling, heartwarming, and totally weird holiday clips. And instead of sharing the same ol’ episodes we’ve all seen (don’t


… The last time Supernatural fans saw Castiel, he stumbled into a pond and melted into black goo. But thankfully, it won’t be the last time fans see him on the series. Err… well sort of. Fan-favorite actor Misha Collins is returning to the series for three episodes but—and here’s the catch—he may not appear as Castiel, producers are eager to warn. Does this mean Jimmy Novak… Continue reading News Briefs: Misha Collins (But Not Castiel?) Is Returning to Supernatural

While far from perfect, Supernatural has badly needed an episode like Friday’s “How To Win Friends and Influence Monsters.” It reignited interest in the Leviathan storyline by giving us a cool glimpse at their research facility (complete with dead grandmas), featured some classic banter between the brothers and Bobby courtesy of Supernatural‘s wittiest scribe Ben Edlund, and HOLY SMOKES BOBBY!

Let’s start with the last bit first. I just knew the… Continue reading Supernatural: The Case of the Haunted Sandwich!