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Just two weeks after Bruce Jenner was involved in a horrific car crash comes news that his daughter, Kylie Jenner, and step-daughters Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have been in a car accident.

Khloe was reportedly driving Kim and her daughter North as well as Kylie through Bozeman, MT in a GMC Yukon, when the incident occurred. Their car was hit by snow which was kicked up by a passing… Continue reading Kim, Khloe, Kylie & Baby North Survive Car Accident Heading Home From Vacation In Montana

Warning: You could be framed for something you didn’t do at any given moment. Maybe even by your own government, whether intentionally or due to a misunderstanding. Will you know what to do if this happens? If not, Hollywood might be able to help, as “wrong man” scenarios have been around about as long as movies have existed, and a lot of them have involved conspiracies within government agencies.

In “G.I… Continue reading How to Survive Being Framed by the Government (According to the Movies)


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How To Survive A Plague may not have walked away with an Academy Award on Sunday, but the story could have a longer life yet. Thursday, ABC Studios announced that they had optioned the rights to the David France documentary about a group of HIV-positive activists fighting for their lives and the lives of their friends, who managed… Continue reading ABC options ‘How To Survive A Plague’ for a scripted miniseries

Did Nancy Grace Survive Halloween Week on Dancing with the Stars? | Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus

Craig Sjodin/ABC

On Dancing with the Stars Monday, the six remaining contestants celebrated Halloween with spook-tacular routines. But Tuesday’s elimination

Cover for the CDC's zombie comicYou know zombies have utterly and completely infiltrated the collective consciousness of this country when even the Center for Disease Control is putting out comics on how to survive a zombie apocalypse…

Earlier this year, the governmental agency charged with keeping us all safe from the countless diseases lurking out there that could bring humanity to its knees finally got around to… Continue reading Read: The CDC Releases a Comic Chronicling How to Survive the Zombie Pandemic