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There was high drama in the Jodi Arias courtroom on Wednesday even though the hearing was mysteriously dismissed early for unknown reasons by Judge Sherry Stephens.

Defense lawyer Jennifer Willmott and psychologist Janeen DeMarte went head-to-head in the Maricopa County Courtroom in Phoenix, Arizona, sparring over the young expert’s qualifications and her legitimacy to judge the murder defendant’s state of mind around the time of Travis Alexander‘s  grisly June 2008… Continue reading Jodi Arias Doesn’t Suffer From Battered Woman Syndrome, Prosecution Expert Insists

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Salma Hayek and her daughter Valentina have been drawn into the sensational child support case being fought by her billionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault and his ex-girlfriend, supermodel Linda Evangelista.

Evangelista is requesting the court award her a stunning $ 46,000 a month child support for their five-year-old son, Augie.

Evangelista and Pinault dated from Sept., 2005 to Jan., 2006, and as her lawyer has… Continue reading Salma Hayek Feared Her Baby Had Down Syndrome, Husband Reveals

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Venus Williams opened up about her bout with Sjögren’s Syndrome on Thursday’s edition of Good Morning America, less than a day after leaving the U.S. Open due to constant fatigue from the condition.

The tennis ace, 31, said the ailment — which can take up to six years to diagnose — left her with a number of symptoms leaving her struggling on and off the… Continue reading Venus Williams Explains Her Bout With Sjögren’s Syndrome

In a bid to explain why it took her so long to report Mel Gibson”s abusive ways, Oksana Grigorieva claims she was suffering from ‘battered wife’ syndrome. Sources close to Oksana say that right after the alleged Jan. 6 attack, Oksana dumped Mel for about 3 weeks, but soon went back and became overly affectionate […] Continue reading Gibson”s ex claims she suffered from ‘battered wife’ syndrome

J M Barrie’s Tinker Bell is as feisty as she is tiny – and she’s not the only one. Hovering around the five-foot mark, Lady Gaga and her pint-sized… Continue reading The long and short of Tinker Bell syndrome