ArcelorMittal again gets nod from Canadian company for takeover

ArcelorMittalBacking ArcelorMittal once again, Toronto-based Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation has asked its shareholders to reject the higher offer by rival Nunavat Iron Ore Acquisition Inc and opt for the world’s biggest steel company. Nunavat made its offer of $1.45 a share at the weakend against ArcelorMittal’s $1.40 a share for the Toronto company. ArcelorMittal made

James Jay Lee Is Discovery Channel Gunman

The lunatic responsible for the takeover at Discovery Channel Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland Wednesday has been identified as James Jay Lee, a slightly-disturbed, “Save-The-Planet” zealot with a history of protesting against the Discovery Channel and loitering outside the network’s central offices at Georgia Ave. and Colesville Rd. in suburban Washington. In 2008, Lee