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Singer Taylor Swift has reportedly targeted John Mayer in a new song ”Dear John”, which indicates that the two enjoyed a brief romance that ended on a bad note. The country star is known for writing about her love life in her tracks and had earlier blasted her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas through a song called [...] Continue reading Taylor Swift ”takes aim at John Mayer in new song”

Following Film and TV, Music Takes Stab at 3-D

At the beginning of the re-emergence of 3-D, the focus was on film, with movies like “Avatar” paving the way for the technology to become an … Continue reading Following Film and TV, Music Takes Stab at 3-D

Quick Takes

Advertisement . . Katy Perry off ‘Street’. . . . All the toddlers who brought out their best daisy dukes for Katy Perry’s “Sesame Street” premiere… Continue reading Quick Takes

Portia (POR’-shuh) de Rossi has officially taken wife Ellen Degeneres’ last name.. . A Los Angeles Superior Court commissioner granted De Rossi’s … Continue reading Portia De Rossi Takes Wife Ellen Degeneres' Name

Miley Cyrus wants you to know that she’s not married (Not yet anyway…), engaged (At the moment…) pregnant (Give her time…), or shacking up with her on-again/off-again boyfriend (Soon enough…). Are we crystal? The soon-to-be ex-star of Disney’s Hannah Montana is taking on rumors about her always buzzworthy personal life in a new online postcard to fans. On [...] Continue reading Miley Takes On Rumors In Message To Fans