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In 2007, actor Sylvester Stallone was caught by Australian custom agents with 48 vials of Jintropin, a human growth hormone (HGH). The drug is best known for being used by professional athletes, mainly baseball players, who need help recovering from injury or building muscle. HGH has been banned by Major League Baseball since 2005.

However, in the March issue of Vanity Fair, writer Ned Zeman says the problem extends way past… Continue reading Hollywood's Human Growth Hormone Problem: Are Stars Taking It To Stay Young?

Jeremy Renner is not taking over for Tom Cruise on the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise, Paramount wants you to know. The studio took issue with an Extra interview with Renner where the actor commented on the replacement rumors: “I’d be up for it, and Tom wants me to do it. I’d be happy to be a part of it.” The show reportedly left out the part where Renner added… Continue reading Paramount: Jeremy Renner is Not Taking Over 'Mission: Impossible' Franchise

November 11, 2011

Variety is reporting that actor/comic Sacha Baron Cohen is in final negotiations to join Quentin Tarantino’s star-studded Western Django Unchained, playing a gambler named Scotty who buys the title character’s wife as a companion. It’s reportedly a small role but Tarantino was adamant on having Baron Cohen play the part.

The slave-turned-bounty hunter Django himself is played by Jamie Foxx while Leonardo DiCaprio and Christoph

August 10, 2011

It was reported earlier this year that Warner Bros. is planning a massive adaptation of the 1974 Stephen King novel The Stand. Now, HitFix says that the studio has a creative team in mind and that negotiations are underway to bring aboard David Yates as director and Steve Kloves as screenwriter.

Previously adapted as a television miniseries in 1994, “The Stand” tells

Fable: The Journey is coming for the Kinect. Lionhead Studios is bringing you your favorite game in a brand new way. Best of all? You can sit while playing it. The developers even showed us how you can hold a beer and play. What else can you ask for, really? We got a chance to check out a demo of the game at E3 today. Here’s what we learned… Continue reading E3: Taking On Fable: The Journey