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  • “Warm Bodies”

    <strong>Written By: </strong>Isaac Marion, a Seattle-based writer and musician who captured the zombie zeitgeist with his critically acclaimed 2011 novel for teens. <strong>On the Page: </strong>R is an unconventional zombie. He’s conflicted about his lot in life and finds himself attracted to Julie, the girlfriend of his last victim. He curbs his New Hunger for her brains and shuttles her off to his zombie loft in an airplane

  • P27399 260x195 Cats in Tanks: It’s a Bloody Catocalypse!

    “Cats in Tanks” is a wickedly funny one-minute animated short film created by the editors of The Whitehouse Post. Just watch and see what terrible things happen when cats commandeer our nation’s military tanks. These cats aren’t one bit cute; they’re here to wipe out all of humanity. We must be prepared against this feline invasion…Watch and learn and get yourselves ready for the bloody Catocalypse!!

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