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By radio detection and ranging Staff

Don’t mess with Ashton Kutcher!  That’s the message he and his seven million Twitter followers have made very clear after he became embroiled in a bitter war with Village Voice, which he claims is profiting from victims of child prostitution.

The actor began his quest to bring down the paper after it published an article about he and his wife, Demi Moore. Village Voice… Continue reading Ashton Kutcher Targeting Advertisers In Twitter War Vs. Village Voice

Veteran TV star Kelsey Grammer has been offered $1 million to endorse a dating website for wealthy older men and younger women who love their wallets. The proprietors of SugarSugar.com, an unorthodox dating website, say they are offering thee thrice-wed actor the hefty sum to by their pitchman, hot on the heels of the Cheers […] Continue reading Kelsey Grammer Offered $1 Million To Endorse Website Targeting May-December Lovers