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Arun JaitleyBharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Arun Jaitley Tuesday criticised the prime minister’s announcement of a joint parliamentary committee (JPC), saying it could have been made in a “gracious” manner rather than projecting that the opposition coerced the government into it. “The statement is disappointing. The issue could be resolved in a more gracious manner,” Jaitley, […] Continue reading PM’s announcement of JPC tasteless: Jaitley

Larry King engaged in a verbal snipe fest with Howard Stern, after he called him ”tasteless” in an interview. After learning that the CNN talk-show host had trashed him in an interview published last week in Steppin” Out magazine, Stern retaliated by calling King a “loser” and “the luckiest man in show business” at a […] Continue reading Larry King triggers verbal fight with Howard Stern after ”tasteless” remark