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By radio detection and ranging Staff

You knew it was coming…..Saturday Night Live took on Tim Tebow and his public displays of religious faith last night, and managed to do it in a way that was funny and smart and without being the least bit offensive to the football phenom or his fans.

Jason Sudeikis took on the role of a hip, wise-cracking Jesus when he surprised Tebow and his Denver… Continue reading Jesus Tells Tim Tebow To 'Turn It Down A Notch' On SNL

Tim Tebow’s new haircut Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow, seen above sporting his new haircut, seems to be a good sport.Teammate LenDale White tweeted this picture of Tebow’s new haircut which seems to have given him a literal halo to go along with his figurative one. This goes a little above and beyond carrying […] Continue reading Tim Tebow Haircut (PICTURE)