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The Top 5 Designer Handbag Labels for Teens

I’m sure we all look at Victoria Beckham’s Hermes Birkin collection with absolute envy but $10,000 simply doesn’t fit in most of our budgets. This is especially true with teenagers who love to be ahea Continue reading The Top 5 Designer Handbag Labels for Teens

Bieber Fever or Beatlemania? Watch mini-dreamboat Justin Bieber wheel for his life after he was spotted by a group of fans before a concert in Arizona. Bieber was out West last week for the latest stop on his sold-out “My World Tour.” But chaos ensued when the “One Less Lonely Girl” star tried to escape a [...] Continue reading Even A Segway Can’t Save Justin Bieber From A Pack Of Screaming Teens!

Is biting the new hickey? Bloodsucking-themed phenomenons, including Stephenie Meyer’s vampire epic The Twilight Saga and the HBO drama True Blood, have spawned a tween obsession with all things vampire, from makeup to clothing — and now even biting, experts say. That’s right, biting.According to a new report, since vampire mania took The Tween Scene by [...] Continue reading Vampire Phenomenon Inspires Biting Trend Among Teens

Five Teens Charged for Bullying Prince

5 New England adolescents are fronting outlaw charges for allegedly harassing a mate scholar to the point where she dedicated herself to a mental healthcare facility.
The girl of 6 year old from capital of Oregon, N.H., was pelted with word barbs on her intimate orientation and appearing by the teenagers who had antecedently bullied her, [...] Continue reading Five Teens Charged for Bullying Prince