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Argo review

When it comes to crazy plans, there’s a fine line between “just crazy enough to work” and “so crazy it won’t work.” That line is explored to great effect in Argo, a supremely entertaining and stimulating film, directed by Ben Affleck, about the time the CIA used a fake movie production to try to sneak Americans out of Iran during the 1979-81 hostage crisis… Continue reading 'Argo' Telluride Review: Tense, Funny and Thrilling, This is Ben Affleck's Strongest Film

Movie Review: The Grey Is Thick With Super Tense Action—Just Like Liam Neeson!

Review in a Hurry: After their plane crashes in a frozen Alaskan wilderness, Liam Neeson and seven other men must work together to bear the cold and…a pack of angry wolves! A better than average survivalist flick, The Grey succeeds with taught direction, strong pacing and the fact… Continue reading Movie Review: The Grey Is Thick With Super Tense Action—Just Like Liam Neeson!

[Warning: The following interview contains spoilers about Sunday night’s first season finale of Homeland … read only if you have clearance]


Image Credit: Showtime

Was that the most tense — and disturbing — episode of television you’ve seen this year?

On paper, Showtime’s acclaimed Homeland gave us a happy ending for its first season finale. Carrie Mathison successfully prevented Nicholas Brody from unleashing… Continue reading ‘Homeland’ finale interview: Behind that tense closer, season 2 plans

Review in a Hurry: Another prequel to the mega-successful Paranormal Activity centers again on Katie and her sister Kristi. But this time: the kid years! Set in the late ’80s, to explore what exactly happened all those years ago, 3 has the most likeable cast by far, some… Continue reading Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3 a Creepy, Tense Blast From the Past

‘The Woman’ doesn’t mess around. Lucky McGee’s new horror movie (out in select theaters now) shocked audiences when it premiered at Sundance earlier this year, and its easy to see why. In the film, a normal-seeming successful lawyer and family man kidnaps a feral women raised by wolves with the intent to domesticate her (in his own weird torturous way). If you’re in the mood for a horror movie filled… Continue reading 'The Woman' New Clip: Watch a Tense Scene from the Shocking Horror Film [Moviefone Exclusive]