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Naomi Campbell will be attending Charles Taylor””s war crimes trial to give evidence about “blood diamond,” which she allegedly received from Liberia””s former president. “Naomi Campbell has confirmed she will attend the Charles Taylor trial at The Hague as per the court””s request. She is a witness who has been asked to help clarify events […] Continue reading Naomi Campbell to testify at Charles Taylor””s war crimes trial

British supermodel Naomi Campbell could be jailed for up to 7 years if she refuses to give evidence in an ongoing trial of ex-President of Liberia, Charles Taylor. An international court subpoenaed Campbell to testify in the war crimes trial of Taylor, warning her that she could be jailed for up to seven years if […] Continue reading Naomi Campbell could land in jail if she doesn’t testify in Taylor trial

Prosecutors want Naomi Campbell, Mia Farrow to testify at Charles Taylor’s war crimes trial Prosecutors trying former Liberian president Charles Taylor for war crimes at a U.N.-backed court have asked judges to subpoena supermodel Naomi Campbell as a witness. Prosecutors have filed a motion saying they want Campbell to testify about uncut diamonds Taylor allegedly gave to … Continue reading Taylor prosecutors want Naomi Campbell to testify

Los Angeles, May 10 (IANS) Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom would appear in court Monday to testify against one of the alleged teenage burglars who ransacked his house.
The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star’s home was targeted by the so-called Hollywood Burglar Bunch last year, along with celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Rachel Bilson.
Items […] Continue reading Orlando Bloom to testify against alleged teenage burglar