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Now that Halloween is in the rearview mirror, Thanksgiving is on the horizon – and the geekier side of Hollywood has provided quite the cornucopia of things to be thankful for this year.

Last year, I gave thanks for fresh zombie stories, overseas audiences and various other elements of the year’s cinematic slate that made 2013 a good time to be a… Continue reading The Geek Beat: 8 Geeky Things to Be Thankful for This Year

Need something to do while you recover from that Turkey Day coma? On this week’s Fancast movies podcast, our own Erik Davis and Sean O’Connell tell you which things they are and aren’t thankful for this year when it comes to movies. Also, the guys bring you up to date on everything they know about that controversial It’s a Wonderful Life sequel.

As always, thanks so much… Continue reading Listen: The Movie-Related Things We're Thankful for in 2013, Plus: An 'It's a Wonderful Life' Sequel?

With the holidays looming large, ’tis the season for giving thanks – and this year has provided more than a few things to be thankful for if you’re a fan of Hollywood’s geekier side.

Whether it’s original ideas, fresh spins on familiar material, or actors and filmmakers who occasionally seem to know what we want before we know it ourselves, 2013 has been ripe with moments… Continue reading The Geek Beat: 8 Things To Be Thankful For This Year

josh-krajcik-friends-x-factor.jpgThe finale of “The X Factor”
is just days away. So new and different things are always happening.

Here the best of what was going on when the cameras stopped rolling:Two left feet – There’s a lot of things that Josh Krajcik does well. He’s got a great voice… Continue reading 'X Factor': Josh Krajcik's two left feet, Nicole Scherzinger's wardrobe and a thankful Simon Cowell

Happy Thanksgiving, Moviefone readers! In honor of this holiday of awkward family interactions, your friendly Moviefone editors have decided to give you something else to discuss during dinner — as opposed to politics, religion and/or why you aren’t married yet: the movies from this past year that you’re most thankful for!

This week’s six new releases scored major points with critics (‘The Muppets,’ ‘Arthur Christmas,’ ‘Hugo,’ ‘My… Continue reading What 2011 Movies Are You Thankful For?