Charlize Theron to star in ‘Snow White’?

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron is reportedly tipped to star as a baddie in the new adaptation of the classic tale ‘Snow White’. Theron, 34, is reportedly producers’ second choice to play the evil queen Ravenna after they failed to get Angelina Jolie, reports the Sun. The film, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, will be directed

Charlize Theron Princess Diana Biopic “Diana: Closely Guarded Secret”

Charlize Theron is being courted to play Princess Diana in a film adaptation of Ken Wharfe’s book Diana: Closely Guarded Secret. The head-turning South African-born actress, who won an Academy Award for her role in the true-crime drama Monster, is being lined up for the coveted lead role in a theatrical retelling of the princess’

Charlize Theron in love with farm boy?

If reports are to be believed, then Charlize Theron is in love again. She is reportedly dating model-and-actor Eric Thal who owns a farm in New York. The Oscar-winning actress has been single since splitting from long-term love Stuart Townsend in January 2010. “The two have a lot in common. He”s a farmer who grows

Charlize Theron kills ninjas in Brandon Flowers” new video

Charlize Theron will be seen battling ninjas in the new video for Brandon Flowers” debut single, Crossfire. With her fighter avatar, the Oscar-winning actress has indulged Australian director Nash Edgerton”s childhood fantasy by killing the black-clad bad guys in the video. The special effects-packed video shows Flowers kidnapped by ninjas before Theron rescues the helpless