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‘Tootsie’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

“Tootsie” may have lost the Best Picture and Best Actor race to “Gandhi” 30 years ago, but if you’re looking for laughs instead of epic grandeur, Dustin Hoffman in a dress can’t be beat. The film, which opened on December 17, 1982, is still considered one of the funniest movies ever made. In 2000, the American Film Institute ranked it as the second funniest film of all time, just behind… Continue reading 'Tootsie' Cast: Where Are They Now?

‘A Few Good Men’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

  • Tom Cruise (Lt. Daniel Kaffee)

  • Tom Cruise (Lt. Daniel Kaffee)

    Cruise was 30 when “A Few Good Men” came out, but he still looked like the fresh-faced kid from “Risky Business” and “Top Gun,” especially since he was playing an inexperienced lawyer who was in over his head with the murder trial of two marines. After the film, Cruise continued to dominate the box office throughout the ’90s with “The Firm,”

  • damien lewis 510x316 ‘Homeland’: Damian Lewis talks SAG nomination, jokes show can ‘kill me whenever they want’

    Image Credit: Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

    When Damian Lewis received news of his first Screen Actors Guild Awards nomination, he was not doing anything particularly glamorous. In fact, it was wonderfully ordinary: He was shopping in the streets of London with his child in tow.

    And as a day of shopping turned into a day of celebration for the actor, EW got him on the… Continue reading ‘Homeland’: Damian Lewis talks SAG nomination, jokes show can ‘kill me whenever they want’

    ‘Sophie’s Choice’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

    Even if you’ve never seen “Sophie’s Choice,” you know what the term means: An impossible, heart-wrenching decision that will destroy you no matter what you decide.

    It’s the role that, more than any other, defined Meryl Streep’s career. She won a Best Actress Oscar for playing the beautiful but guilt-ridden Holocaust survivor in which she demonstrated her stunning

    ‘Saturday Night Fever’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

  • John Travolta (Tony Manero)

  • John Travolta (Tony Manero)

    Travolta was the TV star who proved you could make it on the big screen when he went from Sweathog to Disco Stud in “Saturday Night Fever.” Hits like “Grease” followed, but his career soon dipped. He had a comeback with the “Look Who’s Talking” movies in the ’80s and again with “Pulp Fiction” in the ’90s. He’s still going strong but more