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Welcome to TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs! It’s been an absolutely banner week for commenting, with nine stories clocking over 100 comments each. More comments means more quality means more Shout-Outs! So strap yourselves in as we embark upon this cosmic journey into the realms TV.com commenting excellence.

This week, we offered yet another Quick Question that produced hundreds of thought-out results: What TV shows deserve more love from critics?

Many of you howled… Continue reading TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Shows That Deserve More Love from Critics, TV's Worst New Characters, and the Oscars

1. “Ew.”

2. “How old is Angus T. Jones?”

3. “There’s something vaguely incest-y about this.”

4. “Why are Jon Cryer’s eyes locked on Ashton Kutcher’s testicles?”

5. “Winning?”

6. “I’ve heard of vanity cards, but this is ridiculous.”

7. “Why do they all have the same legs?”

8. “Who actually watches Two and a Half Men?”

9.Community did this better.”

10. “Goddamn it, I’m turned on.”… Continue reading 10 Random Thoughts About This First-Look Photo for the "New" Two and a Half Men

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to unlock the TV.com commenter vault (we keep all of your feedback in a high-security, low-moisture strongroom) and pluck out only the most valuable specimens to feature under the display cases in our lobby. That’s right: It’s TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs! Did yours make the cut? Read on and find out.

In “Is Futurama Going the Way of The Simpsons?” we wondered if the return of… Continue reading TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Futurama, True Blood, and Weeds

Enrique Iglesias certainly knows how to make women go weak in the knees—the sexy singer kissed a lucky female fan in the audience while performing on a TV show, leaving her with ”dirty thoughts” about him. During his performance Friday morning”s ‘Today’ show, Enrique, 35, picked a female fan from out of the crowd to […] Continue reading Enrique’s steamy onstage smooch leaves female fan with ”dirty thoughts”

This just in: Heidi says something smart! Reality star Heidi Montag is mourning the loss of her old face! Word on The Curb has it that one-half of the Terrible Twosome known as “Speidi” is kicking herself after forking over fistfuls of dough to become a life-sized Barbie. Hate to say we told you so….It was only […] Continue reading Heidi Montag Having Second Thoughts About Plastic Surgery Makeover