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A Thousand Words: 25 Questions

In 2008, Eddie Murphy filmed a movie called A Thousand Words, where his character isn’t able to speak because of a magical tree. Four years later, this movie has been released into theaters. As a service to you, dear reader, I went to a movie theater on Friday to watch A Thousand Words (it wasn’t screened for critics). Here is an answer to every question that you could possibly… Continue reading A Thousand Words: 25 Questions

With the November release of ‘Tower Heist’ and his gig as host of the 2012 Academy Awards, the next six months are already shaping up as The Eddie Murphy Comeback Tour. Hoping to take advantage of Murphy’s soon-to-be-burgeoning-once-again starpower? Paramount. Deadline reports that the studio has moved the Murphy-led dramedy ‘A Thousand Words’ to March 23, 2012, less than a month after the… Continue reading Eddie Murphy's Oscar Duties Already Paying Dividends for 'A Thousand Words'

A lot of us wouldn’t mind getting sweaty with Hugh Jackman (Yes, please!!) so it’s not surprising there’s someone out there willing to pay $20,000 for the privilege.Two workout sessions with the Aussie hunk have been sold for $20,000 in an online charity auction hosted by Charitybuzz.com. The Wolverine star will work out twice […] Continue reading Fan Plops Down 20 Thousand Smacks To Work Out With Hugh Jackman