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spl326791post Dan Wheldons Funeral Brings Out Celebs And Thousands Of Fans

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Dan Wheldon’s life was celebrated Saturday in St. Petersburg, Florida, where thousands of fans came out to honor the race car driver.

Wheldon, who twice won the Indianapolis 500, was killed last Sunday in what was possibly the worst crash in IndyCar history.

The beloved driver, just 33, was memorialized at the First Presbyterian Church.PHOTOS: Dan… Continue reading Dan Wheldon's Funeral Brings Out Celebs And Thousands Of Fans

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It’s the great panties puzzle!  Thousands of pairs of panties have been found along a road in central Ohio, and they’re in all colors and patterns.

Some new, some worn, and many still neatly folded, the estimated 3,000 — that’s 3,000!! — pairs of women’s panties were discovered in the trees and hillsides along a road in Berne Township, about 30 miles southeast of Columbus… Continue reading The Great Panties Puzzle! Thousands Of Pairs Of Panties Found Along Ohio Road

kirk khan shout WIDE 560x282 Only At Comic Con: William Shatner Leads Thousands of Fans in Epic KHAN!!!!

William Shatner is at Comic-Con promoting a couple of things, including his upcoming documentary, The Captains. During his panel the iconic Star Trek captain decided to lead the audience of 3,000 in one epic (world record breaking) KHAN!, recreating the equally-as-iconic scene from Star Trek: Wrath of Khan. (Related tidbit: Khan’s  costume from that film is actually on the convention floor for people to scope out.)

JohnKellyJettTravolta Getty Jett Travolta Foundation Donates Thousands To Scientology

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The foundation set up to honor John Travolta’s late son donated 10 percent of its funds to Scientology last year, radio detection and rangingOnline.com can report.

The 16-year-old died after hitting his head during a seizure in the Bahamas in 2009.  His parents John Travolta and Kelly Preston set up a foundation in his name — the… Continue reading Jett Travolta Foundation Donates Thousands To Scientology

Around 15,000 people filled the Los Angeles Sports Arena parking lot early Sunday morning to audition for Simon Cowell’s new talent search, The X Factor. As the show’s title suggests, contestants must not only be good singers, but also possess that certain, elusive je ne sais quoi. They’ll need that special something to captivate audiences  ‘The X Factor’ draws thousands to audition in L.A.

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