Is Billy Ray Cyrus Jealous Of Miley’s Success? “Hannah Montana”

When Stage Parents Attack: Remember all those public declarations and outbursts Billy Ray Cyrus has been making about the hellraising habits of his out-of-control daughter Miley (perhaps most notably that the success of Disney’s Hannah Montana destroyed his once wholesome clan)? Well, a few Hollywood conspirarcy theorists suspect those rants have more to do with

Miley Cyrus Threatening Legal Action Against

Miley Cyrus has consulted her attorneys and is considering taking legal action against after the Canadian blogger/radio personality released a nude picture last week claiming it was found on the 18-year-old star’s lifted iPhone. Taylor — who was one of two bloggers who tried to purchase in a multimillion dollar deal earlier this

Joe Jonas Threatening To Sue Gossip Blogger Zack Taylor Over Demi Lovato

Boy bander Joe Jonas celebrated his 21st birthday over the weekend by threatening a lawsuit against Canadian entertainment blogger Zack Taylor, TMZ reported Saturday. Taylor is in hot water for suggesting that Joe is involved in a secret “friends with benefits” relationship with his former girlfriend and Camp Rock co-star, 17-year-old actress and singer Demi