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It’s a little hard to believe we’ve already made it through two whole phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Someone who was only one when the first Iron Man came out will be old enough to see him fight his friends in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War— assuming their parents let them see PG-13 movies, that is.

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Steve Jobs is a different kind of animal. You can’t even call it a biopic because it’s so unconventional in the way it’s structured that it feels more like a chunk of intimate, behind-the-scenes home-movie footage than any kind of conventional look at the life of an iconic figure.

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We’ve still got two weeks until we can pick up a Blu-ray of Mad Max: Fury Road and watch it over and over and over until the real apocalypse comes and cuts the power to our TV and we then go out and reenact the movie in real life (or at least just find our own interceptor and drive through the desert in it)… Continue reading Watch Three 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Deleted Scenes Get NSFW

It may be hard to believe that we’re already over halfway through the year, but at least that means we’re easing out of the big summer movie season and into the prestige-heavy fall when a lot of the year’s big awards contenders make their debuts. This week saw three of the biggest film festivals in the world, where many of these films premiere… Continue reading These Three Incredible Film Fest Line-ups Prove 2015 Has Too Many Exciting Movies

Right now is prime summer-camp time. No doubt there is some kid not far from you who is currently attending some kind of summer camp, making it the perfect time to reflect on past summer camps — like the ones we’ve visited on the big screen.

There are classics that show us the traditional camp experiences, including MeatballsLittle DarlingsMeatballs IIThe Parent TrapMeatballs