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Gross revenues and total ticket sales from concert tours were down considerably in 2010 as the faltering economy and a glut of overpriced shows … Continue reading Concert Tour Revenue, Ticket Sales Fall in 2010

If you dream of becoming a rock star, then it is not enough for you to possess that cool voice or long hair; you should also know how to play the guitar. A rock star appearance would not even help you Continue reading Beginner Guitar Lesson: Your Ticket to Stardom

Bow Wow, Lottery TicketReview in a Hurry: On the surface it’s a goofy caper about a kid who hits the jackpot, but just underneath is a gritty movie about the mean streets. The flip-flop in tone can be awkward, but…

With little fanfare this month, New York State bucked a show biz trend pushed by Ticketmaster and megastars Bruce Springsteen and Miley Cyrus… Continue reading State law first to require printed ticket for concerts

Never before a movie star has caught the imagination of his fans as Hrithik Roshan is getting the attention in the city. Ticket prices of the leading Bollywood star have soon- to- be- released Kites have skyrocketed in the multiplexes of the city. For the first time in past seven years, after the plexes were […] Continue reading Kites tickets fly high in Calcutta, but Hrithik fans willing to pay