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You are alone. You are trapped. Maybe you’re sharing this limited space with something malevolent. It sounds like you might be in a claustrophobic horror film. Unfortunately for you, these types of situations don’t usually end well for those involved, as many of the following claustrophobic horror films prove. Sorry about your bad luck!… Continue reading Death in Tight Spaces: The Best Claustrophobic Horror Films

The ComingSoon.net Box Office Report has been updated with studio estimates for the weekend. Click here for the full box office estimates of the top 12 films and then check back on Monday for the final figures based on actual box office.

For a weekend where no new movie brought in more than $ 14 million, this was a pretty exciting weekend at the box office, only… Continue reading Box Office Results: Tight Race on a Slow Weekend

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Rarely seen in LaLa Land, Woody Allen was spotted Friday in Beverly Hills, tightly hugging his daughters Bechet and Manzie.

Manzie seemed none too happy with her dad, and kept her arms tensely crossed across her chest as he tried to draw her into the family huddle.PHOTOS: Woody Allen Hugs His Daughters

The writer/director was on the West Coast to promote his new film To Rome… Continue reading Woody Allen Holds On Tight To His Daughters

Splash News

By radio detection and ranging Staff

Kanye West clearly has his hands full with new girlfriend Kim Kardashian!

Giving Ice-T’s wife Coco a run for her money, the 31-year-old reality star paraded her bombshell booty around NYC on Thursday, leaving little to the imagination by pouring her curves into skintight herringbone plaid pants – and radio detection and rangingOnline.com has the photos.PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Bountiful Booty

Kim… Continue reading Bootylicious! Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Biggest And Best Asset In Tight Trousers

Paula Patton Rocks Super Tight Pants

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