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Do The Urkel Dance — The most lovable TV nerd of the 1990s has a new job! Actor Jaleel White — best remembered for his hilarious portrayal of lovesick geek Steve Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters — is writing, producing, and starring in a new web series, titled Fake It Til You Make It. […] Continue reading Urkel Jaleel White Launches Web Series “Fake It ‘Til You Make It”

Sony bets up to $250 million that Michael Jackson left enough material that can rock with you The man who spearheaded the record-breaking deal in which Michael Jackson’s estate will get up to $250 million in the next seven years said Tuesday that Sony Music Entertainment bought a treasure trove of new Jackson music, some of it recorded “quite … Continue reading Sony bets MJ fans won't stop 'til they get enough