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She’s on her way to becoming fashion’s first billionairess and she’s not afraid to share the wealth. Singer-turned-designer Jessica Simpson has earned a spot on Hollywood’s VIP list of Generous Tippers after she graciously gifted a stellar server with a $300 tip after dining at an Italian eatery in Manhattan last week. Jessica left a […] Continue reading Jessica Simpson Is A Great Tipper

All tabloids have spread different rumors concerning Al Gore’s extramarital affairs. It has been written that he cheated his wife with a cheerleader of Tennessee Titans, then with a Hollywood producer. The most recent allegation concerned Molly Hagerty, massage therapist, who claimed to be sexually abused by the politician in 2006. According to the friend […] Continue reading Tipper Gore Doesn’t Believe All Dirty Allegations Concerning Her Husband’s Extramarital Affairs

Another one bites the dust: After four children and 40 years of marriage, former Vice-President Al Gore and his wife — media watchdog Tipper — are throwing in the towel. Sheesh, is anyone actually staying married these days?“We are announcing today that after a great deal of thought and discussion, we have decided to […] Continue reading Al & Tipper Gore Split