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Call it a close encounter of the stylish kind: Kim Kardashian has suffered a broken toe. The reality star/socialite — who is reportedly working on her debut album — injured one of her toes in a freak accident over the Halloween Weekend. “I knew my clumsiness would catch up with me at some point! I […] Continue reading Kim Kardashian Broke Her Toe

The embalmer who took care of Elvis Presley’s body after his death is auctioning off the toe tag he put on the King of Rock and Roll’s corpse. The mortician worked at the Memphis funeral home where Elvis’ body was taken. He is also selling off other items used to prepare his corpse. The objects […] Continue reading Elvis Presley’s toe tag up for grabs

Girl, step your toe game up! Well this should take care of those pesky peepers: Erin Andrews has devised a new approach for keeping stalkers away — and it involves tormenting her legion of devoted Twitter followers with nauseating images of her post-DWTS feet. The gorgeous blonde managed to waltz her way to the Final […] Continue reading Erin Andrews Feet Picture

The representative of Mindy McCready told to the media that the singer was not on drugs and it was just an over reaction of her mother. Brent young, the represenetative of Mindy says that she did break her toe some two days before and her mother gave her four Darvocet pills when she complained about […] Continue reading Mindy McCready accuses her mother of purposefully overreacting