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By radio detection and ranging Staff

The prime suspect in Robyn Gardner’s disappearance in Aruba calmly told police that he thought she was dead within hours of her vanishing, radio detection and rangingOnline.com has learned.

Gary Giordano, who was traveling with the 35-year-old Maryland woman when she went missing on August 2, appeared drunk as he looked at his watch and told authorities, “She might be dead now,” during the… Continue reading Missing Aruba Woman Suspect Told Police Just Hours After Disappearance: 'She Might Be Dead Now'

Carey MulliganCarey Mulligan has revealed that a Los Angeles dermatologist had told her to get Botox at the age of 25. “I said, ”I have some lines here under my eye and they”re annoying, what can you do?” He looked at my face and said, ”We”ll just drop some Botox in here and here”,” the Telegraph […] Continue reading Carey Mulligan was told to get Botox at 25

THERE’s more drama in the Lindsay Lohan camp with the star’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, who quit following Lohan’s 90-day sentence, being ordered … Continue reading Lohan's lawyer told she can't quit the case

Ashley Cole apparently told his alleged lapdancer lover that she looked like his estranged wife Cheryl, minutes after sleeping with her. The England footballer met Sarah Purnell in London””s Supperclub in May and took her back to his Surrey flat. “Afterwards, we sat up in bed for about half an hour, chatting,” the Sun quoted […] Continue reading Ashley Cole told lapdancer girlfriend ‘she looked like Cheryl’

The Supreme Court Tuesday asked cellular operators to pay half the enhanced fee for mobile towers to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) in Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDRs). The vacation bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice R.M. Lodha and Justice A.K. Patnaik gave cellular operators three days time to comply with its orders. […] Continue reading Operators told to pay MCD for mobile towers