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dwts melissa gilbert 320 ‘DWTS’: Melissa Gilbert will likely return tonight after suffering concussion, whiplash

Image Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Melissa Gilbert will likely return to Dancing with the Stars tonight after she was treated for a mild concussion and whiplash after Monday’s show.

She tweeted her 80,000-something fans during her hospital stay. The Little House on the Prairie star was taken to the ER for observation and tests before the ABC show was over. “Very soon I will be safely home… Continue reading ‘DWTS’: Melissa Gilbert will likely return tonight after suffering concussion, whiplash

What to watch on Tuesday, March 6…

Just when Monday was starting to get fun, it’s suddenly Tuesday! Thanks a lot, week. You’re an incorrigible trickster! Anyway:

SEASON 2 PREMIERE, 9:30pm, FoxBreaking InIf you had a vague recollection that Breaking In was canceled last year, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy. It was definitely canceled at one point! But this reasonably well-liked Christian Slater vehicle returns tonight for a whole new season… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: Breaking In, New Girl, and The River

What to watch on Thursday, February 23…

Oh Thursday, embrace us with your mighty yet sensual bear hug; unleash a thousand butterfly kisses; sing us the sweet lullabies of TV harmony. Welcome, Thursday!

8:30pm, NBCParks & RecreationAww, Jerry. After everyone forgets Jerry’s birthday, Leslie attempts to make it up to him by throwing a post-birthday party at a “special location.” (See excellent picture above.) Meanwhile Tom is shocked and appalled at Ann’s… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: Parks & Recreation, The Finder, and Person of Interest

What to watch on Monday, February 20…

Don’t be mad when I say this, but today’s Monday. I’m sorry! See, I asked you not to be mad and now you’re mad. But cheer up, there are some things on TV that you should watch tonight and here are but a few:

8:30pm, CBS2 Broke GirlsWhen Max and Caroline are tasked with baking some kosher cupcakes for a Bar Mitzvah, they conveniently overlook… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: 2 Broke Girls, Being Human, and Castle

What to watch on Wednesday, February 15…

Let’s just get our priorities straight here: FIRST is buying up tons of Valentine’s Day candy at steep discounts. Television comes in a distant second. Save me a red-foiled peanut butter cup?

SEASON 24 PREMIERE, 8pm, CBSSurvivor: One WorldIt’s back! Primetime’s finest hour of HD nature photography and amateur swimsuit modeling! Oh, right, and strategy. Brutal, brutal strategy. Survivor‘s 24th season (the fourth to film… Continue reading What to Watch Tonight: Survivor: One World, Modern Family, and Revenge