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GM’s top ‘dummy’ retires to the Smithsonian

Automaker – Please don’t call him a “dummy.”. . H50-1 is an anthropomorphic test device (ATD) representing an average male. And at a cost of… Continue reading GM's top 'dummy' retires to the Smithsonian

‘Inception’ maintains top spot

Last week’s top draw at the box office, “Inception,” held off Angelina Jolie’s new action movie, “Salt,” to win the weekend box office, according … Continue reading 'Inception' maintains top spot

Top 50 Worst Ideas in Sports History

LeBron James has taken a considerable amount of flak for his lack of loyalty, lack of etiquette, and lack of tact in announcing to the world during … Continue reading Top 50 Worst Ideas in Sports History

American singer Jon Bon Jovi is mad at not making it to the two widely followed Forbes top celebrity lists. Bon Jovi wasn’t included in the much-publicized ‘Power 100’ list of the world’s most powerful celebrities in June 2010, which was topped by Oprah Winfrey. Then he got the second shock when he didn’t make [...] Continue reading Bon Jovi mad over not making it to Forbes top celebrity lists

Cameron Diaz left everyone shocked when she foul mouthed during the high-speed racetrack challenge on hit motoring show Top Gear. The beauty took part in the programme”s Star In A Reasonably Priced Car segment, and attempted to beat her Knight and Day co-star Tom Cruise”s track time. But she forced producers on the show to [...] Continue reading Cameron Diaz shocks Top Gear viewers with foul language