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George Clooney’s thriller “The American” overtook Robert Rodriguez’s controversial gore-fest “Machete” to win the top spot at the box office for … Continue reading 'The American' Tops Labor Day Box Office

Miranda Lambert made history Wednesday morning when she was nominated for nine CMA Awards, the most for a female country music artist. . . She’ll … Continue reading Miranda Lambert Tops CMA Awards With 9 Nominations

Tragic screen star Marilyn Monroe has been voted the greatest blonde of all-time as part of an poll by online market research company OnePoll.com.Monroe became an icon after her death of an overdose at the pinnacle of her fame in 1962. Long revered one of the most beautiful women of our time, Monroe had relationships […] Continue reading Marilyn Monroe Tops Poll Of Greatest Blondes Of All-Time

Watch your back, A-Rod! Cammy could give you a virus….. Charlie’s Angels actress Cameron Diaz has topped McAfee Software Security Firm’s annual “Most Dangerous Celebrity” list, a roundup of the celebrity-related search terms most likely to generate malware-ridden results. Once a computer is infected with spyware, criminals can steal online banking passwords, e-mail passwords, and other […] Continue reading Cameron Diaz Tops “Most Dangerous Celebrity Search Names” List

American actress Cameron Diaz has topped software security firm McAfee’s Most Dangerous Celebrity poll, which is about the most likely search terms to generate malware-ridden results. The chance of encountering an infected website or file is higher when searching for actors and models than for politicians. This reflects the calculation by virus writers that people […] Continue reading Cameron Diaz tops ‘Most Dangerous Celebrity Search Names’ poll