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Giant albino spiders escape from the bowels of the Earth and wreak havoc on New Orleans in Syfy’s … Arachnoquake! EW.com has the first trailer, below. The movie stars Tracey Gold (Growing Pains) and Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) and they’ve, uh, never looked better!

Arachnoquake airs June 23. And, of course, Syfy has a little show called Jersey Shore Shark Attack coming this Saturday. Here’s the trailer. “It’s time… Continue reading Syfy’s ‘Arachnoquake’ first trailer: Tracey Gold vs. giant spiders — EXCLUSIVE

Tracey Meadows Jackson Facebook Picture, Along With Mark Souder’s Picture Tracey Meadows Jackson is the latest person to be embroiled in a Republican sex scandal, with Indiana Republican Mark Souder resigning today after admitting to an affair with the part time staffer. There’s always some irony with family value Republicans getting caught up in sex scandals, […] Continue reading Tracey Meadows Jackson Pictures