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Guardians of the Galaxy3 550x309 Comics on Film: Why Guardians of the Galaxy Might Transform Comic Book Movies

The immense popularity of comics-based film can be attributed to a lot of different factors. Everybody loves heroes, and something about the hero’s journey manages to really resonate with audiences, but there’s also a large degree of spectacle that goes into the best superhero films that makes almost every single one of them an event unto themselves. No one is really proving the viability and longevity of… Continue reading Comics on Film: Why 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Might Transform Comic Book Movies

“Shrek”, the Web, transform Tribeca Film Festival

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Known as a champion of independent filmmakers, the Tribeca Film Festival shifts into a new gear and embraces the future of film when it opens next week with a 3D “Shrek” movie and online streaming for Web audiences. The festival begins April 21 with animated “Shrek Forever After,” Tribeca’s first-ever 3D film, and after that comes … Continue reading "Shrek", the Web, transform Tribeca Film Festival

A29091 260x195 Impoverished Places: An Inspiration to Comfort and Transform Us

“Impoverished Places”is a dramatic, uplifting five-minute short film, which provides a sensitive, poetically touching evocation of our wishes for belonging and human connections. In the film, two dancers, one of whom has lived with Parkinson’s Disease for thirty years, enact a dramatic portrayal of the relationship between the finite and the infinite, while all the while reaching into their “impoverished places” to comfort and transform us.

The film stands as a bold reminder that people are capable of doing great things that can in turn inspire greatness in others. It quietly makes a strong statement supporting our social aspirations for peace and a soothing sense of communion that is stronger and deeper than the need to win in the competition of life. This, in turn, is interpenetrated with a hope for the kind of society in which people with developmental disabilities and the friends who assist them can work together in ways that enable each person to grow to his or her full potential.

This piece presents a number of color photographs, as well as the emotionally moving short film, “Impoverished Places.”

Please visit my website to view the photographs, and to watch this remarkable short film: