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What is it about the end of the world that brings out the cannibals?  The Day seems set in the same exact universe as Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, with five survivors traveling on foot through a gray, dreary, post-apocalyptic America in search of food and shelter.  It’s not a carbon copy of that book (or its cinematic adaptation), but director Douglas Aarniokoski is more than willing to eagerly set… Continue reading 'The Day' FF Review: Interesting Characters Trapped in a Familiar Apocalypse

Brad Pitt”s movie company has apparently made a multi-million dollar offer to trapped Chilean miners to make a film of their story. Plan B Entertainment is in talks with the miners to film their 69 days underground. Several miners might even get roles, reports the Sun. Lawyer Edgardo Reinoso, who represents the men, said he […] Continue reading Brad Pitt to make a film on trapped Chilean miners?

The Jonas Brothers got trapped inside an Elevator after treating their fans in an outdoor concert on last Saturday. They were struck inside the elevator along with eight other people and their security guard. According to Kevin Jonas, the elevator had a capacity to hold 21 people but the reason why it stopped operating is […] Continue reading Jonas Brothers Trapped in an Elevator