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Putting her topless photo scandal aside for the sake of royal duty, Kate Middleton put on a harness and helmet and was hoisted into a tree in a Borneo rainforest. And she did it all with a smile on her face.

Kate and Prince William braved their high-flying adventure to promote conservation — by helping to stop deforestation — in the area.PHOTOS: William And Kate’s… Continue reading Away They Go! William And Kate Hoisted Into Borneo Rainforest Trees

The%20Happening%20(220%20x%20328) Life Imitates The Happening as Cambodian Students are Knocked Unconscious by TreesThey often say that life imitates art, but a recent news story about a group of Cambodian students attempted to take that maxim to a frightening extreme.

Website iO9 reports that 136 students at a Cambodian high school passed out while being forced to stand at attention as punishment for failing to show the proper respect for the national flag. That in itself isn’t… Continue reading Life Imitates 'The Happening' as Cambodian Students are Knocked Unconscious by Trees

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Avatar is doing a nice thing with all the money it made peddling Satan's wares. On Earth Day, Fox will team up with Earth Day Network to plant one million trees. Oh, and they'll pimp the Blu-Ray Avatar release too.

While we commend Fox on their global initiative, we hope they don't pass up this opportunity for the public to "make Tsaheylu" with all these glorious trees.

So what's so special about this Blu-Ray, besides all the trees? Cameron has already said he's holding most of the deleted scenes for the Director's Cut and extended DVD this November, which will have the infamous deleted bar scene. Apparently the Blu-Ray will have secret codes the owner can plunk into a website where they will get exclusive first-look bonus material access…until it's on the internet.

But the real fun is the Pandorama experience where fans can, according to the press release, "immerse themselves into the world of Pandora, inserting themselves into different locations from the movie and interacting with the elements in each; users can snap postcards and share amongst friends only at pandorama.avatarmovie.com." They should just open it up and make an Avatar-only chatroulette site. I would spend countess hours on that.