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Tori Spelling: Too Skinny For The Tube?

Are Tori Spelling’s sunken cheeks and bony breastplate threatening her career in daytime?In April, reports surfaced claiming that ABC is developing a new daytime show for Tori Spelling. The waify former Beverly Hills, 90210 star — who is currently appearing in the fifth season of her reality show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood with [...] Continue reading Tori Spelling: Too Skinny For The Tube?

zS6788 260x195 Severe Clear: War movies in the age of You Tube

It was inevitable with the advent of You Tube and low-cost miniature video cameras that a soldier would make a war documentary using his Mini-DV. Such is “Severe Clear,” an account of the 2003 assault on Baghdad and its aftermath by decorated former US Marine officer Mike Scotti.

The film has the advantage of providing a combatant’s eye-view. It has the disadvantage of being shot by a guy who has no future as a cameraman.