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Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:

Movie Trivia of the Day:

Think you know all about the Mission: Impossible franchise? Mr. Sunday Movies humorously lists 50 facts about these movies:

Trailer Remake of the Day:

Vulture has redone the trailer for the new Fantastic Four movie with footage from Roger Corman‘s cheap 1994 version:


A gunman described as an “old white man” opened fire in a Louisiana movie theater on Thursday night, killing two people and injuring six just three days after the Aurora theater shooting anniversary.

The shooting occurred in Lafayette at the Grand Theater, according to Governor Bobby Jindal.

The Daily Advertiser reporter Seth Dickerson reported that two females were shot, with the AP reporting one died.


Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:

Movie Truth of the Day:

How can the Terminator‘s skin age, a la Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s T-800? Nerdist’s Kyle Hill explains the science of Terminator Genisys

Movie Guide of the Day:

Speaking of the Terminator movies, here’s a guide to every Terminator (machine, not movie) via i09:

Studio Guide of the

Pizza and movies go together like, well, pizzas and movies. Combinations basically don’t get better than that. But what if between the time you order pizza and the time it arrives, your TV explodes and you have nothing to stare at while you shovel food into your mouth?

Don’t worry, the mad scientists at Pizza Hut have got you covered.

As… Continue reading Pizza Hut Now Has a Delivery Box That Turns Into a Movie Projector

Kim Kardashian has turned to Cher for tips on how to introduce her nearly 2-year-old daughter North West to her new “grandmother” Bruce Jenner, sources reveal.

“It’s been weighing on Kim’s mind how to explain Bruce to North,” a friend tells The National ENQUIRER. “He’s going to go from being the baby’s grandfather to being her grandmother.”

“Cher has been extremely active in support of gay