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TV.com Throwdown: What’s the Better Awards Show, the Oscars or the Emmys?

Welcome back to the most epic internet battle since Kitten War, TV.com’s Throwdown! The last edition was a monster, and you all turned out in record numbers to voice your opinions on Fringe and Lost. This week, we’re tackling a broader topic, but one that has needed an answer for some time.

Moving pictures have long been thought of as the gold standard for Hollywood storytelling. In the ’70s, your parents… Continue reading TV.com Throwdown: What's the Better Awards Show, the Oscars or the Emmys?

Yo! TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs! You want ’em, we got ’em. This week, we make burial plans for Terra Nova, we rank the new fall comedies, and we bid a (hopefully not permanent) goodbye to Community.

Well, Fox has a bit of a pterodactyl-sized turkey on its hands with Terra Nova. The show’s first season is about to finish its 13-episode run, and so we asked the grand, existential TV question: Now… Continue reading TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Community's Christmas Episode, the Season's Best New Comedies, and the Fate of Terra Nova

Everyone, except for pirates and kids who use BB guns, sees the world through multiple eyes. But television, specifically the genre of comedy, can’t seem to decide whether to use one camera or many. Last week we asked you to vote on which format you prefer your comedies to use: single-camera or multi-camera. And though I would like to say that the votes were fairly split, they weren’t, and the… Continue reading TV.com Throwdown the Results Show: Single-Camera Comedies vs. Multi-Camera Comedies

Hi-ho, it’s your friendly TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs emcee here, and boy oh boy have we missed you! It’s been two whole weeks since we dove back into the TV.com mailbag and pulled out the best comments of the week. This week, we visit Storybrooke for a little casting fun, we debate sitcom formats, and we reminisce about holiday specials past.

Let’s face it. Most of us live in a fantasy world… Continue reading TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Once Upon a Time Casting and the Best Holiday Episodes

Wow, has another week gone by already? So it has. And what a week it was. NBC killed Prime Suspect, you guys! And shelved Community! WHYYYY! (*Runs into bedroom, slams door shut, leaps onto bed and sobs into Dora the Explorer pillow case!*) Which means it’s time to turn over the TV.com mailbag and get our Shout-Outs on. Who’s with me?

In our review of last Friday’s Supernatural, “Season 7, Time… Continue reading TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs: Your Recent Thoughts on Supernatural, the Future of Community, and Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon