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Britney Spears crushes the competition on the charts and on Twitter.com – the pop princess has become the first person on the popular social networking site to garner more than 5 million followers. The milestone comes less than a week after Brit surpassed Ashton Kutcher to become the web’s most popular Tweeter.As of Saturday afternoon, [...] Continue reading Britney Spears Twitter Record 5 Million Followers

Joe Jonas in an interview to the magazine people has confirmed reports of his split from Demi Lovato. Joe says that he and Demi knew very much that it would not be an easy going and would have to face very tough challenges in their relationship. The 20 year old says that it was his [...] Continue reading Demi Lovato clears rumors of her Split with Joe Jonas

You can take the girl out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the girl. Outspoken Sri Lankan rap star M.I.A. is so livid over a slightly-disparaging New York Times Magazine article about her whiny political views (which includes the assertion that Facebook is owned by CIA operatives), she unleashed the [...] Continue reading M.I.A. vs. The New York Times! Rapper Posts Reporter’s Phone Number On Twitter

Whoopi Goldberg has cautioned fans about an impostor who, she claims, has set up a Twitter account in her name.
The comedienne, 54, who doesn’t have an account on the microblogging site, was shocked when she discovered someone had been pretending to ”tweet” as her online.
And now she is warning fans about the fake Whoopi.
“I need [...] Continue reading Whoopi Goldberg cautions fans about Twitter impostor

Whoopi Goldberg Twitter Imposter

Imposter! The View’s Whoopi Goldberg is mortified after learning that an online phantom has stolen her identity and is flooding the web with bogus Tweets with the help of an unverified Twitter account. “I need everybody on Twitter to know there is someone pretending to be me. I have no account… I don’t ever wanna (sic) [...] Continue reading Whoopi Goldberg Twitter Imposter