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Hold your breath!

Teresa and Joe Giudice took their beautiful brood to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic but they didn’t take your typical vacation snaps.

At the seaside city’s Majestic Resort, the Real Housewife and her Jersey clan donned swimsuits and got wet for an underwater photo shoot, and radio detection and rangingOnline.com has the fun pics.

PHOTOS: Teresa And Joe Giudice Go Underwater With Their Kids

In the

Whitney Houston’s Body: No Obvious Signs Of Trauma, Underwater For Maybe 30 Minutes

Splash News

By Jen Heger – Radar Legal Editor

Whitney Houston’s body had no obvious signs of trauma, but her throat appeared to be enflamed upon examination during her autopsy on Sunday, radio detection and rangingOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

Houston passed away on Saturday, after she was found unconscious and unresponsive in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton. The award winning singer was declared dead by paramedics at the iconic… Continue reading Whitney Houston's Body: No Obvious Signs Of Trauma, Underwater For Maybe 30 Minutes

It’s The Little Mermaid: The Musical. Well..not quite. Once upon a time, every little girl wished she could be Ariel, the spunky and finned redhead with a love jones for a charming two-legged sailor. (You know you wanted to be “part of that world!”) Now, thanks to the wonders of technology, a pair of siblings […] Continue reading “The Little Mermaid” Real-Life Underwater Music VIDEO