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For decades movie lovers have known Porkins as simply the fat guy from A New Hope who refused to eject from his X-wing, but now thanks to the release of the Star Wars Blu-ray, all of his deleted scenes have been restored.  Fans can finally see how crucial of a component Porkins was to the Rebel Alliance.  If only they’d stuck him in that Y-wing like he asked…… Continue reading Watch: Porkins Finally Has His Day in Unearthed Deleted Scenes

You’ll never guess who this dork grew up to be! He’s so damn funny, he shagged a billion women then charmed the pop world’s hottest “California Gurl” into marrying him. Why it’s none other than British comedian Russell Brand — Pre-Jesus Hair. This gem of a pic was recently unearthed by COED Magazine, which uploaded […] Continue reading Russell Brand High School Photo Unearthed

Before They Were Famous: Brad Pitt/Johnny Depp’s TV Moment! Stepping out on the red carpet for the premiere of The Tourist, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp didn’t exactly seem like the best of friends, but the Hollywood hunks have got a bit more in common than just starring alongside the dazzling Angelina Jolie onscreen. Brad […] Continue reading Brad Pitt “21 Jump Street” Cameo Unearthed!

A photo of Brad Pitt sulking about having to make decorations for a school party has been published online for the first time.. . Yearbook photos … Continue reading Brad Pitt yearbook photo unearthed

We never pass up an opportunity to post footage of the creepy hornet’s nest otherwise known as Phil Spector’s hair piece! A bizarre interview, in which the convicted killer talks in detail about the 2003 slaying of Lana Clarkson, has been released by a former employee of the “Wall of Sound” legend.In the interview, said […] Continue reading Lost Phil Spector Interview Unearthed