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mr gold once upon a time Once Upon a Time: Emma strikes a bargain with Mr. GoldAnother excellent episode of “Once Upon a Time.” It’s three for four, so far. The only one we didn’t love was the second episode, but even that wasn’t bad. Just not as tip-top as the other three, we thought.

Fairytale Land

Cinderella (or just “Ella,” which was her real name) is there being the maid to her step family. The fairy godmother is rather unceremoniously dispatched by… Continue reading 'Once Upon a Time': Emma strikes a bargain with Mr. Gold

Sometimes it’s not enough to let two similar things coexist amicably. Sometimes, it’s necessary to label one of them as “better” so we can keep order in the world. We see similar trends, facsimiles, and straight-up rip-offs in television all the time; as such, we’ve decided to do our part to determine who does what better. And so we present our new Throwdown series, a semi-regular feature in which we’ll… Continue reading TV.com Throwdown: Once Upon a Time vs. Grimm

once upon a time 1106 rtgs TV ratings: Once Upon a Time solid again Sunday, NFL scores for NBCFast national ratings for Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011

“Once Upon a Time” is proving to be a very consistent performer early in its life on ABC. The show posted solid ratings for the third week in a row Sunday, beating everything that wasn’t the Ravens-Steelers game in its timeslot. The news wasn’t as good for the rest of ABC’s lineup, though, as “Desperate Housewives” was off… Continue reading TV ratings: 'Once Upon a Time' solid again Sunday, NFL scores for NBC

“Once Upon a Time”
is the new ABC drama based on Grimm’s fairytales (among other fanciful
stories), where the characters from fairytale land are trapped in
Storybrooke, Maine. Lana Parrilla is the Evil Queen, who in Storybrooke is the mayor. She is the one who cast the curse to send them all to our world and is the only one (so far) who knows their true natures.

“‘Once Upon a Time’… Continue reading 'Once Upon a Time's' Lana Parrilla: 'Watch it [or] I'm gonna cast a spell on you'

You’ve spent most of the year building an elegant leather orca saddle and now you’re finally ready to test it out! But wouldn’t you know it, irony of ironies, all the orcas went away. So consider this list of television programs your Plan B for the weekend, and keep your chin up, okay? You’ll ride an orca someday.

What to watch on Friday, October 21…

9pm, CWSupernaturalBuffy‘s Charisma Carpenter and Buffy‘s James… Continue reading What to Watch this Weekend: The Walking Dead and the premieres ofOnce Upon a Time and Boss