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No Botox. No Bachelorette. Kate Gosselin spent her Friday morning shooting down a slew of rumors about going under the knife and looking for love on the tube as she filled in for a vacationing Barbara Walters on The View Friday. “I’m not the next ‘Bachelorette.’ I am a bachelorette but I’m not ‘The [...] Continue reading Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery Inquest On “The View”

Don’t ask me what we’ve done to deserve this, but mark your calendars, Kate Gosselin’s headed back to The View next month. This might be a good day for sleeping in or tuning into The Price Is Right instead. Just saying.The Original Octomom will be dropping by the morning talk show on Friday, July 2, [...] Continue reading Kate Gosselin Returns To Co-Host “The View” July 2

American actress Scarlett Johansson headed out for a karaoke night to celebrate her Tony Award victory.
The 25-year-old actress was awarded the gong for her Broadway debut in ‘A View From The Bridge’ at the awards show that celebrates the best in New York theatre.
But Johansson, instead of attending the glamorous after-party, headed straight for a [...] Continue reading Scarlett Johansson celebrates getting Tony Award with karaoke night

Kathy Griffin’s long-standing “ban” from ABC’s morning gabfest The View may have come to an end, but at least one chatty co-host won’t soon forget the biting remarks that got the fiery redhead booted from the program in the first place. Take a peek at this nail-biting clip of Elisabeth going toe-to-toe with the World’s [...] Continue reading Kathy Griffin vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck ["The View" VIDEO]

Betty White “The View” Intervew June 14

Comedy legend Betty White is set to make her inaugural appearance on The View next week, ABC announced Thursday. The 88-year-old funny gal — one of the stars of the upcoming TV Land sitcom Hot in Cleveland — will join the ladies of the panel on Monday’s View. Betty’s Cleveland co-stars Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, [...] Continue reading Betty White “The View” Intervew June 14