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bane The Bane Debate: How Important Is a Villains Voice?

Think of your favorite movie villain. Now close your eyes and think of his or her voice. Is it as distinct or more significant than the character’s physical appearance?

I’d never thought a whole lot about a villain’s voice before The Dark Knight Rises came out and people started to really talk about Bane‘s voice as much as his look. Actually, it began with the release… Continue reading The Bane Debate: How Important Is a Villain's Voice?

New Batman Villains & Nintendo 3DS Details – IGN Daily Fix, 1.19

The Nintendo 3DS gets a price and release date, the next Batman movie reveals villains, & Comcast merges with NBC, all on the IGN Daily Fix! IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: www.ign.com Want this week’s top videos? Sign up go.ign.com
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Jeffrey Taylor is a staff writer/moderator at The Superman Homepage, co-host of From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast, available at the Superman Homepage, iTunes and The Superman PodcastNetwork.You can find his new Man of Steel Countdown column here at Movies.com every other Tuesday.

We’re back and taking a look at more classic Superman villains to assess their likelihoods of appearing in a potential Superman trilogy starting with Man of Steel in June, 2013. … Continue reading 'Man of Steel' Countdown: Villains Unite (Part 2)

 Straw Dogs Marketing: Is It Ever Okay to Sex Up Rapists and Villains?

Here’s the thing: I kinda love True Blood. It’s a guilty pleasure but not one that would surprise anyone who knows me in real life. And if I met, say, Alexander Skarsgard, I would probably look like this or like the woman here doing the most intense photobomb ever. Skarsgard’s also starring in the upcoming remake of Straw Dogs as the main… Continue reading 'Straw Dogs' Marketing: Is It Ever Okay to Sex Up Rapists and Villains?

7 villains you should root for

In most stories, you’re meant to root for the underdog. Your hero is part of a rag-tag group of rebels, outnumbered and outclassed; a lone lawyer … Continue reading 7 villains you should root for