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Is Ridley Scott worried about filming his new movie ‘Prometheus’ at the foot of Iceland’s active Hekla volcano?

Not at all. “If one is afraid of nature in this profession then it would be best to find a different job,” the director told reporters in central Reykjavik before heading off to begin filming. He said he’s not losing any sleep over the ominous — and erroneous — news reports… Continue reading Ridley Scott vs. the Volcano: 'Prometheus' Director 'Not Losing Sleep' Over Treacherous Location

Megastars and movie directors kept a worried eye on a volcanic ash cloud wafting across Europe Sunday as they geared up for the Cannes film frenzy that will see “Robin Hood” lead a charge against the rich and powerful. A freak storm lashed the chic French Riviera resort last week and now an Icelandic volcano is threatening to prevent A-list … Continue reading Robin Hood braves volcano, storm for Cannes filmfest

Whitney Houston is the one for whom; the show must go on for whatever happens. The singer has severe respiratory problems, because of which she cancelled her three shows on her European tour, but still she is not missing her show in Dublin.
Due to the eruption of Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajokull cancelled all flights throughout […] Continue reading Whitney Houston Sails out of the U.K.

According to the News Agencies , Obama called Poland’s acting president, Bronislaw Komorowski, to tell him he would be unable to attend because of the cloud of volcanic ash that is disrupting flights across Europe. US Ambassador to Poland Lee Feinstein will represent the United States instead.
Kaczynski and 95 others, including his wife and many […] Continue reading Due to Iceland volcano eruption Obama to cancel Poland trip