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Newlywed Hilary Duff has revealed that she found her marital vows online. Duff turned to the Internet for inspiration for her wedding vows – “picking and choosing” sentiments from other couples” nuptials. The singer/actress is now Mrs. Mike Comrie and the pair looked online for the perfect vows to compliment their big day. “We didn”t […] Continue reading Hilary Duff found her marital vows on Internet!

Angelina Jolie has vowed to help flood-ravaged Pakistan. The Oscar-winning actress, 35, is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). ””I”m doing what I can. I”m talking to Ambassador Richard Holbrook, the UN and people on the ground about how we can spend our money,”” the Telegraph quoted her as […] Continue reading Angelina Jolie vows to help Pak flood victims

Soon-to-be-mum Christina Applegate has revealed that she”ll wear heels till she gives birth. Although the ‘Samantha Who?’ star didn’t reveal the sex of her unborn child, or how far into the pregnancy she is, but she confirmed everything is going well. “That is for me to know – I’m somewhere between zero and nine months,” […] Continue reading Pregnant Christina Applegate vows to wear heels till she gives birth

American rapper Snoop Dogg has promised that his next album will be more female-friendly. The rapper admitted that many girls were put off by his music because of the frequent sexual references in his lyrics. He has now decided to change his style in the hope of expanding his fan base, promising his female followers […] Continue reading Snoop Dogg vows to make his next album more female-friendly

Lindsay Lohan has apparently vowed to appeal Judge Marsha Revel”s 90-days jail sentence which was given to her over probation violation. According to a source, Lohan proclaimed, “I”m not going to jail!” while talking with people in her apartment about appealing the case, reports TMZ. The only real basis for Lohan’s appealing is arguing that […] Continue reading LiLo ‘vows to appeal 90-days jail sentence’