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Jupiter AscendingBefore you press play on the below trailer for Jupiter Ascending, let’s all just take a moment to thank the movie Gods for letting the Wachowskis exist and continue to make big budget sci-fi movies that look absolutely insane.

Seriously. We love Captain America and the likes, but we’re so, so glad that we’ve got Channing Tatum with space elf ears helping simple Earthling Mila Kunis rise… Continue reading New 'Jupiter Ascending' Trailer: The Wachowskis Are Insane, And It's Beautiful

The Matrix

What if virtual reality wasn’t just for fun, but was being used to imprison you? That’s the dilemma that faces mild-mannered … Read More


Lana and Andy Wachowski have been hit with a $ 300 million copyright infringement lawsuit by a writer who claims the duo stole his ideas for use in their “Matrix” sequels.

According to TMZ, writer Thomas Althouse said that he submitted… Continue reading 'Matrix' Directors Sued: Wachowskis Accused of Stealing Ideas for Sci-Fi Sequels