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Review in a Hurry: Nope, don’t take this Waltz. The sophomore feature from writer/director Sarah Polley centers on sophomoric Margot (Michelle Williams), a married writer who is all atwitter for her hottie artist neighbor (Luke Kirby). Dramatically inert and languidly paced, Waltz stumbles all over its arty-indie pretensions.… Continue reading Movie Review: Take This Waltz Has Two Left Feet

Today, audiences have the ability to check out all the latest releases from the comfort of their own home. The world of indie film has especially benefited, giving viewers the chance to watch buzzed-about movies that can only afford to play in a handful of theaters. This week, Moviefone offers a special look at the world of indie cinema, with the release of “Take This Waltz.”

“Take This Waltz”Starring: Michelle Williams… Continue reading 'Take This Waltz' Review: A Look At The Seth Rogen, Michelle Williams Indie Flick

“Take This Waltz,” the upcoming indie romance from Canadian star Sarah Polley, features Michelle Williams as Margot, a young writer who is happily married to her sweet, caring husband Lou (played by Seth Rogen). Everything seems to be going well for the affectionate couple, until Margot meets Daniel (Luke Kirby) on a weekend business trip. He’s new, he’s passionate and most incredibly, he just happens to be Lou and Margot’s… Continue reading 'Take This Waltz' Clip: Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen Have a Troubled Marriage (VIDEO)

mad-men-510-jon-hamm-christina-hendricks.jpgWith three episodes left of Season 5, the tension on “Mad Men” shifted into high gear on Sunday’s (May 20) episode, “Christmas Waltz.” Here’s the one-sentence summary: Don Draper’s head is back in the game, Lane Pryce is dancing on the edge of financial ruin (and possibly a precipice) and it turns out that Harry Crane, official Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce d-bag, isn’t a total… Continue reading 'Mad Men Season 5 Episode 510 'Christmas Waltz': Don Draper really is back


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Just days after she spoke exclusively to RadarOnline.com about her decision to release a sex tape Jasmine Waltz was out on the beach doing a bikini shoot.PHOTOS:  Jasmine Waltz Does A Post Sex Tape Bikini Shoot

Waltz has been a constant on the Hollywood sub-culture scene since David Arquette admitted to having a fling with her after he split from wife Courteney Cox.

A bikini… Continue reading Jasmine Waltz Poses In Bikini After Sex Tape Release Photos