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Start date for ‘Weeds,’ ‘Episodes’ is…

Showtime has announced the start date for two of its comedies. Season 8 of Weeds and the second year of Episodes will begin Sunday, July 1.

The pay net ordered 13 episodes of the Mary-Louis Parker starrer about a former suburban window turned marijuana queenpin. Meanwhile, nine episodes of Episodes have been made that features Matt LeBlanc as a fictional version of himself.

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What to watch on Monday, July 25.

Do you think your TV and your DVR actually like each other? I mean, obviously they’ll be on the same team when the robot uprising starts, but still—I bet your DVR thinks your TV is a pretty-boy idiot and your TV thinks your DVR is too bossy. Food for thought! Anyway, here’s what their tenuous relationship will bring us tonight:

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It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to unlock the TV.com commenter vault (we keep all of your feedback in a high-security, low-moisture strongroom) and pluck out only the most valuable specimens to feature under the display cases in our lobby. That’s right: It’s TV.com Commenter Shout-Outs! Did yours make the cut? Read on and find out.

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